Wondering about the Benefits of Taking Vacation?

The Benefits of Taking Vacation for Men and Women

In a study of 12,338 middle aged men who were at risk of heart disease, those who did not take regular vacations were more likely to die over a 9 year period than those who did. These surprising figures were found by researchers from the State University of New York in Orsweg. Researcher Elaine Eaker also found that middle aged women who do not take vacations frequently have eight times the risk of either having a heart attack or dying of heart disease. “Social and psychological aspects of peoples lives are directly related to their physical health.” Eaker stated. It was discovered that women who vacation at least twice a year have 50% less chance of developing coronary heart disease or any other serious heart problems.

The Benefits of taking Vacation For Everyone

The positive impact that vacations have on health affects everyone. A study that was conducted by the Families and Work Institute in New York, found that 55 % of workers who didn’t take all their vacation time experienced high levels of feeling overworked. There is scientific evidence to prove that workers who take vacations frequently are less likely to develop serious heart problems in the future. Continued on page 2 Page 130 of 150 v3.1 Rev 2014 Health Benefits of Taking Vacations (page 2 of 2) Vacations are the ultimate tool to reduce the pressures of every-day life, and eliminate stress. Stress threatens people’s wellness, affecting the function of the immune system, cardiovascular health, emotional well being and overall quality of life. In a vacation the possibilities of fun and physical activity are limitless. Being involved in sports like skiing, windsurfing, or scuba-diving might not be restful but will offer many healthy benefits. No matter how active or inactive a vacation may be, the mind should be at rest and body should feel relaxed. Taking a leave is the primary way to prevent burnout, breaking the routine once in a while can help improve physical and mental health.

Personal Benefits of Taking Vacations

Planning a vacation is exciting, it stimulates the imagination, and makes us have something to look forward to. It’s a chance to take off the work hat and go out to play, learn, and explore. Vacations are a way to increase the quality of time spent with family, friends, and loved ones. Perhaps that is why couples go on honey moons after they are married. On a vacation, discovering new places and finding new sides of one another are both possible. Vacations also awaken an appreciation of things and people that are usually taken for granted, making the return home more inviting. A good trip many only last a week, but the personal benefits and memories derived from it have the possibility to last a lifetime.

Financial Benefits of Taking Vacations

Vacations are the perfect formula to avoid high health care costs and save money. As a way to reduce the ever-rising health care costs, people should consider saving by taking a vacation. As stated earlier vacations are an essential part for having great health. High costs of medicine, hospitalization, or an unplanned leave from work because of heart problems could cause difficult financial situations. The best way to prevent this is to find a good program that offers affordable and reliable trips.