Adell D. Smith

adell vacation wellness consultantAdell D. Smith heads the teams that are actively engaged with Kaduceus Consulting’s customers, and works intimately with business owners on achieving the success of our program. Smith is responsible for coordinating with Human Resource departments, aiding with employee adoption of the program, product usage, training, tracking/reporting of our success, and developing long-term relationships with Kaduceus Consulting’s customers.

Smith has more than a decade of experience in workforce management and leadership roles. She has a wide range of experience in the convention and trade show industry, and has proven leadership skills involving managing, developing and motivating team members to achieve their objectives. First-class analytical abilities, and improved problem solving skills. Dedicated to maintaining a high quality standard and committed to achieving results.

Prior to joining Kaduceus Consulting, Smith was the Operations Manager with GES. Participated in the ABC Performance Management Program. Completed peer reviews, and provided input to the Senior Operations Manager to help complete performance appraisals objectives and goals.