How the pursuit of happiness became the death of happiness

The “pursuit of happiness” is a phrase each American is engrained with. Society has since evolved to where being a consumer has become a status symbol. And having higher status made us happier, right? We couldn’t be further away from the truth. Millions of Americans enjoy their wealth in form of consumer products. However, what happens when those items are no longer trendy, get damaged, lost, or stolen? Yeah, it’s great watching your new 60-inch UHD flat screen, however there wasn’t anything wrong with your HDTV that had a lower refresh rate. After a week, the excitement wears down and the thrill of owning something new must be replaced with a new conquest. Where you accrue more and more debt.

Kaduceus Consulting has the good fortune of working with a handful of businesses, helping their workforce shift back to the fundamentals of what brings us happiness. One commonality we found when asking what brought each of them happiness was vacation. Try it for yourself: think of your favorite possession. Now, think of your last vacation… Oddly enough, about 55% of Americans haven’t pursued what makes them happier. Each having their own excuse, however the biggest challenge is changing how we all think.

Common excuses have always been, I can’t afford to travel, I’m too busy at work or not wanting to return to a mountain of work. In fact, many excuses are due to work. Yet, your employers are the ones insisting you take vacation and paying for you to take the time off. So where’s the disconnect?! Studies show that a staggering 80% of employees would take vacation if they felt they were fully supported by their employer. This is where we come in.


Beyond their personal lives, planners and non-planners have statistically significant differences in their personal financial situations and professional success. Eighty-one percent of planners say they are happy with their financial situation compared to 71 percent of non-planners; and 90 percent of planners are happy with their professional success compared to 82 percent of non-planners.

Employers contract Kaduceus Consulting to further support their employees in taking vacation with their time off. By raising awareness and shifting the company’s culture, we help Americans take back what they lost sight of. Quality time with their loved ones, making memories and experiencing life. To enjoy travel of tangibles. That memory that brought a smile to your face.