Killer American Work Culture takes down vacation

Being based in a vacation destination city, one would imagine Las Vegas employees take advantage of their vacation days. Next time you’re out here for a trade show, you’ll notice it’s no different than the rest of America. Over the past fifteen years, American workers have been taking less and less vacation. The way Americans work has irreversibly changed for the worst. We are connected like never before, to each other and to the office. It is time to decide whether vacation time will become a casualty of the new working world or if we will take action to win back America’s Lost Week.

That’s right! The average American forfeits an entire week of paid time off (PTO), a record-setting 658,000,000 days of vacation. Last year Americans did manage to increase taken vacation days to 16.2-days from 16-days in 2015. However, that’s simply because employers awarded their employees more vacation days (21.9 days on average). I may have made light of the matter, however this is a serious economic issue.

The 55 percent of under-vacationed Americans left a total 658 million vacation days unused; far exceeding the previous estimate of 429 million unused days. That translates to approximately $223-billion dollars in total spend, which directly affects the local Las Vegas economy. That amount of money equates 1.6-million lost jobs, and a meager $65-billion of lost income for American employees. Especially targeting vacation destination cities.

More Time Off Used Associated with Recent Raise or Bonus

Had American workers capitalized on the intent to take time o they expressed in previous research, it would have resulted in a $64.5 billion economic boon. Imagine, the vacation time you earned in 2015, would have meant $223 billion for the U.S. economy.