Finance & Accounting

With the global economic upheavals, Kaduceus Consulting understands that financial industry employees are facing performance pressure and personal stress at levels unseen before in this industry.

Overworked employees are more than rounding errors.

Kaduceus Consulting works with banks, securities and trading organizations and a number of large financial and insurance companies. We understand that employees in the financial industry experience work days filled with rapid-fire information exchange and demands for instant response. The stress and anxiety of this environment is often not felt until after hours or on the weekend.

Studies prove working mentally over 8-hours does does not equal more work. Not only is the human mind exhausted, it doesn’t perform as well and potentially increases the amount of errors. Repetitious behavior like this eventually “burns out” key members of your organization. With our program, we’re able to give your employee a beach vacation to look forward to. We’ve found that most employees planning a vacation lead healthier lives, eating healthier and even exercise. Kaduceus Consulting provides specialists who can assist your employees find a healthy balance between work and home.

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