Can and will Americans find time to vacation with PTO?

Vacation is not yet extinct. We work with many businesses that realize the struggle is real. Employers know Americans are in dire need of a break. We help employees take simple steps to mitigate their fears about taking time off and make their vacations possible.

The single-most effective step we take is having workers plan their time off in advance. By giving workers access to our mobile app, they can easily shop for vacations. The vacations are sorted just like a store, each with set dates, itineraries, and most importantly, affordable pricing. This helps the 49% of households set aside time to plan the use of their vacation time each year.

Planners have an advantage over non-planners. They use more of their time: 51 percent of those who plan took all of their vacation time, where just 39 percent of non-planners did. Even better, they are positioned for a longer break, with planners much more likely to take a full week of vacation time or more at a time. Where just 46 percent of non-planners took a week or more, 69 percent of planners were able to do so.

The time spent planning correlated with greater happiness in every category measured. Their personal relationships show some significant differences, with 85 percent of planners reporting that they are happy with their relationships with their significant other, compared to 72 percent of non-planners. Similarly, 69 percent of planners compared to 60 percent of non-planners report being happy with their relationships with their children.


The amount of time taken also shows a clear correlation to happiness at home. The more vacation days used, the lower the stress.